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We would like to invite you to the “Building a New Climate Regime : What needs to be done at the
United Nations Climate Summit 2014” conference which will be held on September 3, 2014 at the Plaza Hotel,
Seoul Korea. It is our greatest honor to have you as our guest. This conference aims to develop an agenda
for the upcoming Climate Summit.

In September the UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon will be hosting the Climate Summit in New York in the
hopes of fleshing out ideas and lessons that might prove to be essential for the success of global
climate agreements which will be applicable to all Parties with legal force at the Climate
Change Conference in 2015.

As the Climate Summit 2014 intends to be the anchor to
the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference in 2015,it is
necessary for us to evaluate the achievements and
limitations of the international efforts to combat climate
change as well as to seek new strategies under the
Durban Outcomes across various sectors - business,
finance, civil society and industry - to reduce emissions
and develop a sustainable, low-carbon development pathway.

Global Governance Structure, Financing Mechanism and Technology Dissemination to narrow down the different opinions between developed and developing countries in order to reach meaningful results for the road to reducing emissions and strengthening adaptation strategies across the globe.

We cordially invite you to “Seoul Climate-Energy Conference 2014” to share your insight and expertise.